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How To Become More Flexible

Flexibility is so important in doing sports, training or workout. If you want to have a good shape, a strong body, you really need more flexible. However, not everyone knows the ways how to become more flexible, so let’s read this article and find out for yourself some useful methods.

Some Best Workouts for Flexibility

The more you exercise, the more flexibility you have. However, there are a few best workouts that is really good for you. These followings methods will be answers for the question “how to become more flexible?”

What are they?

  1. Yoga

In fact, Yoga is a great method that was loved by many people all over the world because of their function. Yoga has a lot of use such as builds muscle strength, prevents cartilage and joint breakdown, increases your blood flow, helps in your balance, and especially improves your flexibility.

how to become more flexible

Experts show that in 10 people who practice with yoga, there are 9 people feel be good and more flexible, like control their weight, balance their body. Therefore, yoga is considered a good way to become more flexible easily and safely.

  1. Dance

Maybe you will ask yourself, “Why is dance?”, but do you know, dance is a useful exercise that help you so much in to become more flexible. When you dance, you can reduce stress, diminish depression, lose weight, increase energy and increase flexibility, too. With many dance movement, you will feel more flexible because you use all of part in your body like arms, shoulders, legs… Therefore, you become more agile and your body isn’t still stiffness.

  1. Pilates

how to become more flexible

Pilates is a weight-loss-method that combine a sequence of exercises in order to increase muscle strength and improve health. This is really a good way to keep your body to become more flexible and help you limber. You will never feel pain or hurt when you work out if you do Pilates regularly.

Some Worst Workouts for Flexibility

Although workouts are so good for us, there are a few exercise are not useful for flexibility. If you don’t know how to do that, maybe they will bring some disadvantages for you. And this is list of these workouts.

  1. Cycling

how to become more flexible

Cycling is good, but if you want to become more flexible, it’s not useful. Because when you do cycling, maybe you will feel bad-ass powering, your muscle is stuck in a shorted position, and you know, your knees cannot straighten, your hips cannot extend and your body will be stiffness. Therefore, you should reduce cycling regularly if you want to be more flexible.

  1. Running

Running is considered a good way to have a strong body, but in having flexibility, it’s not really good. As you know, when we run, we will use legs and knees in a long time, and our leg-muscle cannot be relaxing, they cannot extend or straighten, too. Therefore, running don’t help in flexibility, but it’s harmful.

How to Become More Flexible?

This is 3 methods that you can know how to have more flexibility.

  1. Starting a stretching regimen

  • Before you starting a stretching regimen, you should warm up your body by the way walking or jogging for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Stretch your arms and your shoulders by standing or sitting on the edge of a sturdy chair, reach one arm straight across your chest, pressing with other hand just above your elbow until you can feel a stretch in your body. Hold it for about 5 seconds, and breathe deeply. Then you change your other arm.
  • Stretch your back by try a bridge: press your arms and palms into the mat and make a bridge form until your thighs parallel to the floor. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds and then release to the ground. You can repeat this 3-4 times.

how to become more flexible

  • Stretch like a swan by blend your elbows and press your palms into the floor on two side of your shoulder, then press up to extend your arms straight and keep you shoulder up and down until you can feel a stretch in your chest. Practice and repeat 2-5 times for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Stretch like a butterfly by blend your knees and put your feet together in front of you and touch the soles of your feet. Grasp your feet with your hand and keep it down and up like the butterfly’s wings.
  1. Using yoga at your home.

  • Focus on your breath by inhale slowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
  • Maintain the poses and breathe deeply into the stretch. When you inhale, just think about solidifying your strength, when you exhale, release any tension.
  • Practice easy poses and engage in continuous movement to improve your flexibility and increase your blood flow.
  1. Maintaining good habits

  • Eat healthy food: Instead of eating frozen food or prepared food, you should eat fresh food. Besides, eating more fruits, vegetables, avoid eating fast food or harmful food like French-fried, hamburger…
  • Drink plenty of water: enough 2 liters per day. You can drink detox water or fruit juice too good for your health. Besides, you should avoid drinking alcohol or soda, because they will make your body be harm.

how to become more flexible

  • Get a massage to decrease stress or pressure. Massage will help you balance your body, reduce sorrow and sadness, make you think positive and live happier.
  • Take time relax: after you work out to become more flexible, you should take a short rest to relax by listening to music or reading book. That time, your body will be loosening up and improve their function.

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